This International Standard presents four document type definitions and additional facilities conforming to IS0 8879. This International Standard is intended to provide document architectures for the creation and interchange of books, articles and serial publications.

It specifies:

  • a) the SGML declaration defining the syntax used by the document type definitions and document instances;
  • b) the document type definitions for the following document classes: i) Books; ii) Articles; iii) Serials, which are collections of articles;
  • c) a document type definition for Mathematics which may be embedded in other SGML applications.

This International Standard provides a toolkit for developers of these types of publications to use as a basis for developing custom applications.

The applications developed may be for authors, publishers, libraries, their users, and/or their database vendors.

The document type definitions included in this International Standard have been designed to be flexible enough to expand or limit markup depending on the use of the application.

For example, if the application is intended for authors, the copyright information could be removed. The markup is sufficiently general to enable its use for similarly structured documents, e.g. the Book DTD can also be used for technical reports.

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