NewsML is an XML encoding for news which is intended to be used for the creation, transfer, delivery and archiving of news.

NewsML is media independent, and allows equally for the representation of the evening TV news and a simple textual story. Specifically, NewsML provides the following features:

  • All formats and media types recognised equally
  • Facilitates the development of NewsItems
  • Collections of NewsItems
  • Named relationships within and between NewsItems
  • Structure consisting of ContentItems, NewsComponents and named relationships between NewsComponents
  • Alternative representations within the same NewsComponent
  • Explicit inclusion, inclusion by reference and exclusion of NewsComponents and alternatives
  • Attachment of metadata from standard and non-standard Controlled Vocabularies

Extrait de IPTC

Recommandations (attention, cette partie est maintenue de façon occasionnelle)
NewsML, Functional Specification
- Recommandation, 10-10-2003, version 1.2
- accès à l'historique des versions

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