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Pierre Attar develops application in its expertise structured document field.

    puce Implementation of a DITAeditorial repository using the Componize DITA CMS (Merck-Millipore2019)
    puce Conception and realization of a Word legacy converter to DITA (Alcatel Submarine Network2018 - 2019)
    puce Implementation of an editorial repository using the Componize DITA CMS (Prescrire2017 - 2019)
    puce Specialization of the DITA-OT for taking into account model specialization made on for medical publishing. Realization of DITA-OT plugins for Indesign publishing. Realization of Word 2dita and Indesign2DITA converters (Prescrire2016 - 2019)
    puce Development of a Word 2013 formatting solution for internal documents enabling to work on the OECD budget during elaboration early steps (OCDE/OECD2015 - 2016)
    puce Development of a Microsoft Word solution enabling to capture highly structured styled documents and then enabling to convert the Office Open XML format to proprietary XML model (Prescrire2015 - 2016)
    puce Development of a solution for being able to convert DocBook documents to a Microsoft Word 2010 documents (Office Open XML format) (Alstom SA2013)
    puce Specifications and development of transformations from XML legal publisher documents allowing to read electronic books on an iPad dedicated application (Editions Francis Lefebvre2013)
    puce Drupal-PHP extension of a solution based on XML for being able to publish eBooks (using ePub and mobi for the specific Kindle purpose) (See www.mediapart.fr). (Mediapart2012)
    puce Proof of concept of populating the Drupal WCMS using external XML files. Everything is based on an XSLT using extensions making the bridge with Drupal CMS. Tested with DITA data (Tirème SARL2012)
    puce Drupal-PHP extension of a solution based on XML for being able to address iPad application specific needs (Mediapart2011)
    puce Word legacy documents retrofit based on VB macro to get images out of Word, FrameMaker for the basis XML structuration and XSLT2 for final cleaning. Using FrameMaker for publishing PDF and RoboHelp form online Help (Alstom SA2010 - 2011)
    puce Drupal-PHP extension of a solution based on XML for being able to publish PDF (using FOP) (Mediapart2011)
    puce DocBook parameterization for the corporate technical documentation needs based on DocBook-XSL toolkit for HTML and CHM and based on FrameMaker for the PDF output. (Alstom SA2010)
    puce Drupal-PHP development of a solution based on XML for being able to publish on different portals such as Yahoo (ATOM), Free, Orange or EDD (Mediapart2008 - 2010)
    puce XSLT development of an output as Excel 2003 of statistical tables using the CALS format as input and Office XML 2003 and an entry point to Excel (OCDE/OECD2008 - 2009)
    puce XSLT development of an output delivery as Word 2007 using Open XML standard (EDF Recherche et Développement (R&D)2008)
    puce Specifications and development of a converter from FrameMaker math to MathML (Antéa2008)
    puce XSLT development of an output as Word technical documentation based on an AECMA S1000D document modules repository (Alstom SA2006)
    puce XML DOM and XSLT development for the rail technical documentation workbench "TrainTracer". (Alstom SA2005 - 2006)
    puce Iterative development of a solution for creating XML redactional note documents based on data stored in a database (Java, Xalan, DOM, XSLT, HTML ; V1, S4Text for Word ; V2, Epic Editor ; V3 Microsoft Word) (EDF Recherche et Développement (R&D)2002 - 2004)
    puce Creation of content validation programs enabling to automatically manage a DTD update for all documents contained within an SGML repository (SGML, Balise) (Gordon and Breach Publishing Group1994 - 2000)
    puce Definition and production of software packages on Xerox Global View (XGV) using XDE, the Xerox Development Environment system (Rank Xerox France1987 - 1990)