20 years of experience acting within different domains and markets

XML structured document repositories

> Energy (EDF, Alstom, AREVA, Total Fina Elf)

> Automotive (Renault, FIAT, PSA, Iveco)

> Defense (French National Marine, Airbus)

> Transportation (Alstom, Airbus)

> Banking (CNCE)

> Software (Ilog SA, schemaDoc)

> Publishing (Editions Francis Lefèbvre, Gordon&Breach, Masson, Assimil, Universalis, Lamy SA, Prescrire)

> Newspaper (Mediapart)

> Institutional (OCDE/OECD, DGME, DILA, ONISEP, FAO, Sciences Po)

> Data capture (Saisie.com, Numen Digital)

Software houses (Rank Xerox, Jouve, Euroscript)

Catalogs (Legrand, Thomson AirSys, Camif)

Internet Portals (IRD, Mutu-XML)

Different ways of working

• Tirème SARL and its customers
• Subcontracting with large customers (Xerox, PTC, Jouve, Antéa, Berger-Levrault, Valoris, Euroscript, etc.)

All work done using a network of senior and independent people qualified and having complementary skills (Bruno Chatel, Catherine Leloup, etc.).

Standards Environment

> Coding: SGML, XML DTD, Schemas, etc.

> Formatting: HTML, OEBF, WAP, XSL-FO, etc.

> Transformation: XSLT, SAX, DOM, etc.

> Skills: S1000D, SAE J2008, DocBook, Dublin Core, DITA, Office Open XML, etc.

> Semantic Web: RDF, RDF-S, RDFa, OWL.

To experiment solution and technologies within internal projects

Since it born, Tirème SARL invest in internal technologies or within open source public projects linked to document domain: this enable to stay up-to-date and to fully understand technologies and uses, by experimentation. Theses know-how are the reusable, for Tirème SARL customer's projects.

SchemaDoc: a method and XML tools enabling to manage and maintain XML models (DTD or Schemas) and, in the same time, their associated documentation (uses Java, Xalan, DOM, XSLT, Schema XML, DocBook, HTML technologies).
• Tirème glossary: a French glossary on recommendations around XML (uses Java, XHTML, RDFa, XSLT2, Saxon 9, FOP and proprieraty XML Schema)

To communicate and to exchange

> Member of the Foundation for the Internet New Generation (FING)
> Interventions within various public manifestations within seminaries, presentation given and publications.

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