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Pierre Attar carries out prototypes and other proofs of concepts in order to validate feasibility or to show some specific functional aspects.

    puce Prototype of an ePub solution allowing to publish OECD publications. Technologies are based on Apache Ant plus XSLT 2 (OCDE/OECD2013 - 2014)
    puce SchemaDoc V2: an internal Pierre Attar technology providing a set of method and XML tools enabling to manage at the same time a model and its associated documentation (Java, Xalan, DOM, XSLT, XMLSchema, DocBook, HTML) (Tirème SARL2002 - 2013)
    puce Quiz questionnaire management using an AJAX XML technology (V1) and a port to PHP technology (V2) (Finharmony2005)
    puce Prototype for converting UNCEFACT XMI file format to XML Schemas (EDF Recherche et Développement (R&D)2004)
    puce Proof of concepts on the use of FrameMaker XML for making video catalogues from product database (Arte2002)
    puce Proof of concepts on the need for upgrading a language learning method DTD to more semantic structures (Assimil2002)
    puce Conception and realization of the Mutu-XML (www.mutu-xml.org) web site in order to produce Internet and PDF pages using a single XML database source (Java, Xalan, DOM, XSLT, HTML) (Mutu-XML20002002)
    puce Prototype of an e-book, using either Microsoft Reader or Mobipocket technologies, for a medical guide (MSXML, MS Access, Visual Basic, MS Reader, Mobipocket Reader, XSLT, HTML, OEBF) (Éditions Masson2001)
    puce Prototype of the repository managing all XML textual information delivered as arguments to Bank sales staff (MSXML, MS Access, Visual Basic, XSLT, HTML) (Caisse d’épargne2001)