DITA Expert

Pierre Attar is specialized in using DITA and DITA-OT technologies.
In this field, he can act as Business Consultant and as model designer by using DITA specialization mechanisms. He can also acts as senior DITA developper.
Using its development skills, Pierre Attar creates customer dedicated DITA-OT plugins enabling to publish to InDesign or Microsoft Word.
Using the power of the DITA-OT framework, he also creates Q/A plugins based on DITA processing.
Pierre Attar also wotks with the DITA Componize CMS, either for specializations or for developping special publishing requirements

Creating DTD and XML Schemas

Competences and know-how transfer is the basis of all Tirème SARL activities, enabling to let customers becomes independent.

An expertize in jobs around document analysis and model conception accumulated since the last 10 years either within industry, edition or institutional projects.
Tirème SARL uses its own methodology, developped for large projects but that may be tailored to other projects size. Also, Tirème SARL has developped its own enginiery to create and maintain models documentation (XSD ou DTD) around the SchemaDoc technology.

Business Analyst

Tirème SARL is specialize in conception of structured document repositories. This transversal specialization is, as of today, reused in the eCatalog anf in the Internet portal fields.

Tirème SARL Project follow up enables to project teams to achieve their goals by having external expertise handling the specific structured document field.
Tirème SARL does not substitute itself to project teams, but enables them to achieve their objectives by making efficient around document skill and providing them autonomy.

Project management

Tirème SARL has actually limited project management activities, centered around functional and/or technical specifications.
In the past, Pierre Attar was project manager for different editorial or industrial projects. This knowledge is fully used while making project follow up activities.

Pierre Attar

Prototype and proof of concepts

To realize prototypes enables to validate feasibility or to understand functional facts, within a project. Prototypes also enables to have a better validation process of models and a better understanding, by sample, of project scopes or needed functionality's.
Tirème SARL uses XML and associated technologies and standards, within Java, Javascript, Intranet environment or within dedicated environment such as Microsoft.

Trainings and seminaries

Tirème SARL, within the structured document field, participates to seminaries or organize seminaries and training for its own customers.
For being able to achieve these tasks, Tirème SARL has developed an expertise and methods on training people to methods and technologies of the XML document field.


Tirème SARL has an important activity on the research field. This activity is linked to audits, to specific purpose research or "state of the art" on document an related domains.
Researches are deep and important, if there is a need to fully understand a specific subject. They may also be «blitz» and macroscopic, for straight going to tendencies and challenges.


For all interventions, Tirème SARL uses methods for making interviews and group animations enabling to easily identify challenges and weakness.

Tirème SARL provide facilities for organizing internal communication events on its XML document domain. Tirème SARL also enable to company to have a better understanding of their position on their document market.

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