Reuse of a document repository to publish in various media and for different products

If information is structured in an independent way of usages made with it, document repository enables to publish all value added company products, either on paper, on Internet or on a CD-ROM. All the key success of solution is then to explore limits of reuse, enabling a real priority pro published products.

Production management of document life cycle

Editorial process, from creation up to production becomes fully linked to document structure stored within the document repository. Therefore, it becomes possible to extend Quality programs within documents contents for having the best quality and coherence. These management processes will take into account reuse of document fragments within different contexts and products where they are needed.



Working strategy

To confront customer skills to a senior expertise on documents within different domains in order to ge the best of the mutual experience understanding.

To take into account improved technologies and standards, around XML World; in the same time, to take into account skills, peoples and organizations.

To manage neutral XML document repositories without forgetting that if information is produced it is for being published, having the best ergonomics on each publishing media, using the best adapted typographic concepts adapted to the media and target market.

Tirème SARL expertise is document and transverse for different domains and activities. This transversal expertise enables reuse of elsewhere improved concepts which enables to set up projects by capitalization on wide experience spectrum.

  • Edition
  • Industry
  • Institutional
  • Internet
  • Document analysis, model and DTD or XML Schema
  • Projects follow-up
  • Development, prototypes
  • Marketing or product research
  • Training, technology and know-how transfer
  • Technology surveys

Tirème SARL uses methods for structuring document repositories based on industrials and proved technologies. The know-how is based on XML (and previously on SGML) and on all associated standards (XML Schemas/DTD, XSLT, DOM, SAX, etc.). This know-how uses plateforms including Java and Microsoft technologies.