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The operational training sessions allow implementing a specific technology. Often delivered in two steps, they allow to capitalize on the very first experiences.

    puce  Design and animation of a XML InDesign training ( Patrick Leleux PAO 2015)
    puce  Design and animation of a training enabling to compare modelling activities based on XML standards (XML schema and DTD) from modelling using semantic web standards (RDF-S and OWL) ( Alstom SA2009)
    puce  Design and delivery of training for 40 technical writers on the use of their XML CMS Docato system, connected to the Arbortext XML Editor. Five days training delivered to four different groups: one French-speaking group and three English-speaking groups ( Ilog SA2007-2008)
    puce  e-Learning training on XML and models for technical writers ( Université de Technologies de Compiègne 2005)
    puce  Setting up a Framemaker XML edition environment – 3 days – (EDD and Read-write rules) ( Arte2004)
    puce  Advanced XSLT training – 2 days ( EDF Recherche et Développement (R&D) 2004)
    puce  XML development tools panorama – 5 days – (DTD, Schemas, SAX, DOM, XSLT, FOP) ( Aerospatiale Matra 2003)
    puce  Research on the migration of the SGML document repository to XML, taking into account new feature needed for electronic delivery and production management. ( Universalis2002)
    puce  Institut XML: Introduction to XML Schema – 1 day ( TechnoForum2000)