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Pierre Attar can manage project leader activities to take part in functional or technical specifications.

Moreover, and in the past, Pierre ATTAR has managed activities such as project leader in various publishing fields. There is this experience that is capitalized in the Pierre Attar activities of coaching project.

Pierre Attar was IT manager of an on-line press journal.

    puce  SCRUM Agile Product Owner, for a mobile application used to read legal magazines ( Editions Francis Lefebvre2014)
    puce  Specifications of the internationalization of a eBook solution allowing to read electronic books on an iPad dedicated application. ( Editions Francis Lefebvre2013)
    puce  Project management of the development of an iPad application based on data stored within Drupal. ( Mediapart2011)
    puce  IT manager Interim for a press web site (Drupal development and maintenance) and its CRM PHP proprietary database ( Mediapart2009 - 2010)
    puce  Specification and technical architecture of a converter from XML schemas files to DTD data ( Mutu-XML2003)
    puce  Specification and technical architecture of the CD for browsing configuration of After Sales technical documentation ( Satiz SpA – - Xerox Industry Solutions & Services (XISS) 2002)
    puce  Specification of the editorial system enabling to capture a 1 000 pages Medical Therapeutical Guide for using it on paper and on e-book ( Éditions Masson 2001)
    puce  Definition and implementation of a document management workbench for all the technical documen­tation of a car manufacturer. An SGML repository manages multilingual documents using a thesaurus of sentences; the workshop manages the production, the electronic delivery and the publishing pro­cesses ( PSA Peugeot Citroën1994)
    puce  Research on a solution for managing the production and the publishing process of a French legal publisher ( Éditions Lamy1993)
    puce  Definition and production of a solution to edit and exchange SGML documents conforming with the SGML French Navy standard ESM 056-60 ( Rank Xerox France1992)