go DITA Expert

Pierre Attar has developed in the last few years it’s own DITA expertise for software documentation, for other industrial companies as well as journal companies.

Pierre Attar’s expertise is both on DITA and specialization and on DITA-OT parameterization and development for complex publication outputs.

go DTD and Schema Models

Over the past, Pierre Attar has developed an expertise for document analysis and design of document models for industrial companies as well as for companies in the publishing business or the institutional field.

Pierre Attar’s approach is based on its own methodology, developed within the framework of large projects and adaptable to projects of lesser scale. Pierre Attar also adapts its work to well-known methodology such as UN/CEFACT when needed.

Pierre Attar also developed its own engineering for document models management, using the SchemaDoc tool (information available upon request).

go Business consulting

Business consulting performed by Pierre Attar allows project teams to better take into account their documentation specificities in their projects.

Pierre Attar doesn't substitute itself to team members, but helps the team define its documentation objectives while endeavoring to make it autonomous – by carrying transferring competencies. Tirème Consultant uses transfers of competencies and of know-how methods.

go Development

Pierre Attar develops application in its expertise structured document field.

go Prototyping and Concept Proofing

Pierre Attar carries out prototypes and other proofs of concepts in order to validate feasibility or to show some specific functional aspects.

go Operational Trainings

The operational training sessions allow implementing a specific technology. Often delivered in two steps, they allow to capitalize on the very first experiences.

go Research Activities

Pierre Attar performs documentation audits or research linked to the specificities of documentation fields. Pierre Attar takes part in marketing and opportunity research of business or business products.

go Project management

Pierre Attar can manage project leader activities to take part in functional or technical specifications.

Moreover, and in the past, Pierre ATTAR has managed activities such as project leader in various publishing fields. There is this experience that is capitalized in the Pierre Attar activities of coaching project.

Pierre Attar was IT manager of an on-line press journal.

go Marketing activities

Pierre Attar facilitates actions of inner or outer communications. Moreover Pierre Attar takes part in marketing, strategy or positioning product actions.

go Technology

At the time of its creation, Pierre Attar was specialized in SGML technologies. All that specialization has migrated and branched out to XML technologies, also using ad hoc sectorial technologies.